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Music Linx Page-5


401. Cyndi Lauper- Time After Time:
Cyndi Lauper- Song: Time After Time
402. Eagles- Take It Easy:
Eagles- Song: Take It Easy
403. Dire Straights- Sultans of Swing:
Dire Straights- Song: Sultans of Swing
404. Led Zeppelin- All My Love:
Led Zeppelin- Song: All My Love
405. Peter Frampton- Baby I Love Your Way:
Peter Frampton- Song: Baby I Love Your Way
406. Bad Company- Rock and Roll Fantasy:
Bad Company- Song: Rock and Roll Fantasy
407. Fleetwood Mac- Don't Stop:
Fleetwood Mac- Song: Don't Stop
408. Don Henley- Boys of Summer:
Don Henley- Song: Boys of Summer
409. Van Halen- Little Dreamer:
Van Halen- Song: Little Dreamer
410. Pink Floyd- Hey You:
Pink Floyd- Song: Hey You
411. John Lennon- Imagine:
John Lennon- Song: Imagine
412. Boston- Foreplay:
Boston- Song: Foreplay
413. The Who- Pinball Wizard:
The Who- Song: Pinball Wizard
414. Led Zeppelin- Over the Hills and Far Away:
Led Zeppelin- Song: Over the Hills and Far Away
415. Rolling Stones- Angie:
Rolling Stones- Song: Angie
416. Tom Petty- Free Fallin':
Tom Petty- Song: Free Fallin'
417. Don McLean- American Pie:
Don McLean- Song: American Pie
418. Eric Clapton- Cocaine:
Eric Clapton- Song: Cocaine
419. Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower:
Jimi Hendrix- Song: All Along the Watchtower
420. Toto- Rosanna:
Toto- Song: Rosanna
421. Sheryl Crow- First Cut is the Deepest:
Sheryl Crow- Song: First Cut is the Deepest
422. Dio- The Last in Line:
Dio- Song: The Last in Line
423. Motley Crue- Shout at the Devil:
Motley Crue- Song: Shout at the Devil
424. Twisted Sister- I Wanna Rock:
Twisted Sister- Song: I Wanna Rock
425. Queensryche- Eyes of a Stranger:
Queensryche- Song: Eyes of a Stranger
426. Judas Priest- You've Got Another Thing Coming:
Judas Priest- Song: You've Got Another Thing Coming
427. Madonna- Live to Tell:
Madonna- Live to Tell
428. Scorpions- Holiday:
Scorpions- Song: Holiday
429. Led Zeppelin:
Led Zeppelin- Song: Ramble On
430. Creed- Can You Take Me Higher:
Creed- Song: Can You Take Me Higher
431. Great White- House of Broken Love:
Great White- Song: House of Broken Love
432. Great White- Save Your Love:
Great White- Song: Save Your Love
433. Great White- Rock Me:
Great White- Song: Rock Me
434. Great White- Lady Red Light:
Great White- Song: Lady Red Light
435. Cindarella- Don't Know What You've Got Till Its Gone:
Cindarella- Song: Don't Know What You've Got Till Its Gone
436. Whitesnake- Is This Love:
Whitesnake- Song: Is This Love
437. Scorpions- Still Lovin'You:
Scorpions- Song: Still Lovin'You
438. Slaughter- Up All Night, Sleep All Day:
Slaughter- Song: Up All Night, Sleep All Day
439. Boston- Amanda:
Boston- Song: Amanda
440. Boston- Hitch a Ride:
Boston- Song: Hitch a Ride
441. Boston- We're Ready:
Boston- Song: We're Ready
442. Sting- Desert Rose:
Sting- Song: Desert Rose
443. Robin Trower- Bridge of Sighs:
Robin Trower- Song: Bridge of Sighs
444. Ratt- Back for More:
Ratt- Song: Back For More
445. Ratt- You're In Love:
Ratt- Song: You're In Love
446. Cindarella- Gypsy Road:
Cindarella- Song: Gypsy Road
447. White Lion- Tell Me:
White Lion- Song: Tell Me
448. Asia- Heat of the Moment:
Asia- Song: Heat of the Moment
449. Brian Eno- Small Craft on a Milk Sea:
Brian Eno- Song: Small Craft on a Milk Sea
450. Brian Eno- An Ending Ascent:
Brian Eno- Song: An Ending Ascent
451. Klaus Schultze- Silent Running:
Klaus Schultze- Song: Silent Running
452. Steve Roach- Dream Body:
Steve Roach- Song: Dream Body
453. Isao Tomita- Neptune:
Isao Tomita- Song: Neptune
454. R. Carlos Nakai -Song For The Morning Star:
R Carlos Nakai- Song: Song For the Morning Star
455. R Carlos Nakai- Canyon Reverie:
R Carlos Nakai- Song: Canyon Reverie
456. R Carlos Nakai- Desert Song:
R Carlos Nakai- Song: Desert Song
457. Dik Darnell- Spirit Rain/Following the Circle:
Dik Darnell- Song: Spirit Rain/Following the Circle
458. Constance Demby- Hallelujah:
Constance Demby- Song: Hallelujah
459. Dik Darnell- Angeles Hadas:
Dik Darnell- Song: Angeles Hadas
460. Dik Darnell- Calling to You, Great Spirit:
Dik Darnell- Song: Calling to You Great Spirit
461. David Parsons- Earthlight:
David Parsons- Song: Earthlight
462. Brian Eno- Prophecy Theme:
Brian Eno- Song: Prophecy Theme
463. David Parsons- Himalaya:
David Parsons- Song: Himalaya
464. Klaus Schultze- Thor/Thunder:
Klaus Schultze- Song: Thor/Thunder
465. Bob Marley- 3 Little Birds:
Bob Marley- Song: 3 Little Birds
466. Boston- Something About You:
Boston- Song: Something About You
467. Isao Tomita- Arabesque:
Isao Tomita- Song: Arabesque
468. Spacetrip to Space:
Spacetrip to Space
469. From Earth to Deep Space:
From Earth to Deep Space
470. Planet Earth- Views From Space:
Planet Earth- Views From Space
471. Deuter- Garden of Gods, Temple of Silence:
Deuter- Song: Garden of Gods, Temple of Silence
472. Deuter- Lovesong From the Mountains:
Deuter- Song: Lovesong From the Mountains
473. Deuter- Beautiful/Relaxing Music:
Deuter- Song: Beautiful/Relaxing Music
474. Steven Halpern- Higher Ground:
Steven Halpern- Song: Higher Ground
475. Jonn Serrie- The Far River:
John Serrie- Song: The Far River
476. Michael Stearns- Life in the Gravity Well:
Michael Stearns- Song: Life in the Gravity Well
477. Jonn Serrie- Stratos:
Jonn Serrie- Song: Stratos
478. White Lion- When the Children Cry:
White Lion- Song: When the Children Cry
479. Scorpions- Rhythm of Love:
Scorpions- Song: Rhythm of Love
480. Skid Row- I Remember You:
Skid Row- Song: I Remember You
481. Horace Andy- Skylarking<:
Horace Andy- Song: Skylarking
482. Horace Andy- Natural Mystic:
Horace Andy- Song: Natural Mystic
483. Horace Andy- Praise Him:
Horace Andy- Song: Praise Him
484. Horace Andy- Collie Weed:
Horace Andy- Song: Collie Weed
485. Horace Andy- Zion Gate:
Horace Andy- Song: Zion Gate
486. Horace Andy- Zion Gate (extended version):
Horace Andy- Song: Zion Gate (extended version)
487. Horace Andy- Babylon System:
Horace Andy- Song: Babylon System
488. Horace Andy- Something on My Mind:
Horace Andy- Song: Something on my Mind
489. Freddie McGregor- Big Ship:
Freddie McGregor- Song: Big Ship
490. Horace Andy/King Tubby- Zion Gate Dub:
Horace Andy/King Tubby- Song: Zion Gate Dub
491. Barrington Levy- Here I Come:
Barrington Levy- Song: Here I Come
492. The Rastafarians- This Yah Musik:
The Rastafarians- This Yah Musik
493. The Abyssianians- Declaration of Rights:
The Abyssianians- Song: Declaration of Rights
494. The Abyssianians - Satta Massagana:
The Abyssianians- Song: Satta Massagana
495. Roots Reggae Mix- Part 1:
Roots Reggae Mix -Part 1
496. Roots Reggae Mix- Part 2:
Roots Reggae Mix -Part 2
497. Ini Kamoze- World a Reggae:
Ini Kamoze- Song: World a Reggae
498. Burning Spear- We Are Going:
Burning Spear- Song: We Are Going
499. Black Uhuru Mix:
Black Uhuru Mix
500. Burning Spear- Social Living:
Burning Spear- Song: Social Living